Activities You Can Enjoy!

Activities You Can Enjoy!

swim wth the jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake

Photo by: Lenny de Vries

You will fall in love with our true Palauan jungle meets beach property! Here you can take a kayak trip up the river and out to the ocean, swim in our warm tropical ocean, go for long walks along our sunkissed shores, enjoy the thrill of fishing or simply read a book and relax in plenty of sunshine on our private beach.

If you feel like venturing out further, rent one of our cars and go on a fabulous trip around the main island Babeldoap and visit: The Stone Monoliths (only 10 mins away), The Melekeok Bhai or Airai Bhai (a ‘bhai’ is a traditional meeting house), the magnificent Ngardmau waterfall, WWII relics and Palau’s version of the White House –the Government Capitol Building.

Visit the Palauan Night Market or the International Night Market in Koror. Dancers, musicians, artisans, storyboard carvers and local food vendors pull out all the stops to showcase the best of Palau. At the International Night Market, Palau celebrates their various migrant cultures. Here you can find different types of cuisine: Indian, Filipino and Mexican.

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Things to do at M&A Eco-Beach Bungalows:

  • Kayaking
  • Fishing 
  • Swimming
  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Reef walking at low tide 
  • Rent one of our cars for a day and visit Babeldoap highlights or visit Koror 
  • And don’t forget to try our authentic Chamorro food at our “Paradise Cove Restaurant”.

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